New Year…

Older New Me! Well, not really a new me, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra optimistic at the start of a brand new year now does it? 2014 started pretty well for me. I didn’t even wake up with a hangover on New Years Day… Result! Hmmm, My bff could not make this claim. She was hilariously drunk and spent New Years Day with the hangover from HELL! This secretly gave me giggles, as it’s usually me that spends at least two days feeling like I’m at death’s door, following even a couple of alcoholic drinks!

Friday 3rd January was an exceptionally good day. My Mom,Youngest daughter and I, had custody of My Niece for entire day. We took her to meet the lovely girls at my Mom’s place of work. One of the girls has a beautiful 6 month old baby girl, so she brought her along so the babies could meet!

Afterwards, we came back to My house for lunch, playtime, super cuddles and photo’s! For a one year old baby, she certainly has posing down to a fine art! She was like a cheeky little model and we managed to get some wonderful photographic memories to make us smile after she goes back to Oz next week.

I spent most of Saturday with my bff, now fully recovered from her horrendous hangover! Today, I packed up the Christmas decorations and put them in the loft, followed by a spot of housework. I’m sure there’s a rule somewhere that you shouldn’t work too hard on a sunday so who am I to argue!

Tomorrow, I am not looking forward to. I am back at work after almost two weeks of Christmas Holiday. Still, I guess it’ll be nice to see everyone in the office and if we stayed off work any longer, the mountain of paperwork that is no doubt building up on my desk, would probably prevent me from being able to squeeze through the door!

Right, I am off to figure out my New Years Resolutions.  I will try to keep them as ‘doable’ as possible. When I’ve figured out what they are, I’ll be back!


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