Should we dress age appropriately? I guess its up to you really. Personally, I like to wear what I like. I’m very much a part time bohemian when it comes to fashion. This is my favourite style but sometimes it doesn’t suit the occasion.

I think we should dress according to how we feel and the situation that day. I may be 45 but I don’t feel it and I don’t see why what I wear should reflect it. I like young fashion, I also like older more timeless, sophisticated fashion. I like wearing biker boots with girly dresses, maxi dresses with cowboy boots, trainers with jumper dresses, over knee boots, elegant stilettos or ankle boots. I wear what I think suits or flatters me and thats always been the case.

Be honest, no one wants to see a group of 40 year old women wearing dresses with under-boob or skirts revealing a butt cheek. But that doesn’t mean we cant show a bit of flesh… as long as we try to keep it classy.

Your clothes are like a costume. Wear clothes that reflect the age and mood you feel on the day. Never conform to what society says you should wear. Dress yourself so you feel good and never, just because its age appropriate.

Mutton dressed as lamb? Oh absofrigginlutely!


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