Here we are again at the start of a promising New Year. I hadn’t been looking forward to this year at all. 2013 was the year I turned 40. I was, however, proved wrong, as it turned out to be a pretty cool year, full of highs & lows but fortunately for me, the highs by far outweighed the lows.

I think it’s in our nature to forget the mundane, day-to-day stuff that at times, bores us to tears. Instead, our memories cling on to the unexpected things that happen, the exiting, fun things that we’ve done.

This year was the year that saw my youngest daughter graduate from high school. My Hubby and I were so proud as she walked down the stairs on the day of her High School Prom. She truly looked like a Princess. It was also for me, quite a strange feeling that my baby was no longer at school.

The next poignant event of 2013, was when I turned 40. The mere thought of this had filled me with dread and I think, a touch of fear. As it turned out though, It was one of the best birthdays I had ever had. I was extremely lucky to share a week of various celebrations with my friends and family and it left me realising that your age does not have to dictate to you, how much fun you can have.

At the end of August, I travelled solo to Sydney, Australia to visit my Big Bro, his GF and my wonderful baby Niece. I had looked forward to this for several months, but I was utterly blown away by just how wonderful the experience was. My only desire to go and visit, was that of seeing my family. I had never had any wish to see Australia itself. It just hadn’t been on my radar. Well I guess the best things happen when you have little or no expectation and this was certainly the case here.

Sydney quite literally blew me away! From the first day I arrived I fell a little bit in love with this beautiful City. The gorgeous houses both old and new, the stunning beaches, the friendly people and a relaxed pace of life, that seems so apparently different from ours. Aside from a few moments of feeling a little homesick, it just left me wanting to go back and see more.

In November, it was time for another trip. This time, New York & Barbados. New York is not somewhere that my Hubby would normally have agreed to go, but he did, as a wish for my 40th to prevent me from having a midlife meltdown!

New York was again, an amazing experience. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Empire State Building, The 911 Memorial, Yankee Stadium, Central Park, Times Square and Spiderman on Broadway. These were just some of the places we visited while we were there and I will treasure my memories from all of them.

from New York we flew to Barbados, for 10 days of complete relaxation. Barbados is breathtaking. I can actually imagine living there. It is the most civilised Island we have visited in this part of the world and has a vibe that is unparalleled to other Caribbean Islands that we have visited.

Once home, our Christmas countdown began. We had our work’s Christmas party on 21st December. After a crazy few weeks in the office, this had been just the ticket! A good night was had by all and for me, it was the best works ‘do’ we had ever had.

The icing on the cake for 2013, came in the form of my Big Bro, his GF and my Niece. They arrived, from Sydney on Christmas Eve, just in time for Santa Claus! My girls are all grown up now so it was lovely to have a little one in the house again on Christmas day, it made the magic return!

New Years Eve was another great night. We saw in the New Year in the company of friends and family, with a particularly poor rendition of Auld Lang Syne!

Looking back, it seems like 2013, came and went in the blink of an eye and now it’s time to welcome in a new year. I will no doubt experience more highs throughout the coming year and feel truly blessed that I have such great friends and family with whom I can share them. I also take comfort in the fact, that we will ride out the lows together, should any arise.

I will of course make lots of resolutions: get fit, eat well, write more, re-connect with old friends, you know, the usual stuff and I will raise an invisible glass (it’s 9am!) to 2014. If it’s only half as good as last year, I guess I’ll have plenty to look forward to.

Goodbye 2013…

…Hello 2014, may you be a prosperous year for everyone x

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