My Big Bro and his family have gone back home to Oz and I’m missing them already. It’s so easy to take family for granted when they are just a short car journey away. Now, they are on the other side of the world, so I guess its back to Skype and good old-fashioned text messages!

Anyway, I had given myself until their departure, to start my New Years resolutions. Today, therefore, is the day that I must well and truly get my butt in gear! I say this as I sit here chewing the most delicious creamy toffee! Maybe I’ll start tomorrow!

The truth is, my age is starting to creep up on me! Getting up at 5.45am to tidy the house, go to work, cook dinner, tidy up again, ferry my youngest around, come home, shower then crawl into bed at midnight, is seriously wearing me out! It’s no excuse, it’s just how it is! So, I have decided to come up with a New Years plan!…

…In a few weeks time, I will be able to cut back down to my three days a week at work, gaining back my two days off. One of those days will be spent, as before, tidying the house, pottering in the kitchen, running the errands that I don’t get chance to do while I’m at work. The other will be dedicated to writing, playing my guitar and generally doing the things that I need to do to help me unwind, while I have the house to myself. Yes the tidying will still get done and if they are lucky (lucky is debatable really!) Hubby & my youngest Daughter will be fed. It will just be nice to grasp a few hours, just once a week when I can be utterly self-indulgent and do things that are solely for me.

A final specific and very predictable resolution, is that I must EXERCISE! On my days off, I will do this in the morning. I am also contemplating joining a gym that I can go to during the evenings my Youngest is at Judo. Whether or not I’ll stick with a gym, will remain to be seen!

I cannot keep putting it off though, the exercise, has to begin tomorrow, so let me think…

…where on earth did I put my Insanity DVD’s?!!!

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