Despite drifting off to sleep after 1am, I still woke up on my first morning in Oz at around 5am. It was completely silent apart from an occasional hum from the refrigerator. I lay gazing out of the full length balcony windows at the darkness. At this point, I still had no idea what my surroundings looked like.

This wonderful silence was broken at around 5.30am by a sound I had waited almost 10 months to hear. My baby niece was waking up! I have never been so happy to have my morning peace and quiet interrupted.

I was a little unsure however, what to do. I was the only one awake and a little apprehensive about being the first face that she saw. She had never seen me before and I really wasn’t keen on upsetting her the first time i met her. But as the whines got louder and more frequent, I decided to go for it! I crept very slowly to her room and put my head around the door to see the best sight I could have imagined. She looked up at me and smiled! I was officially in love!

My big bro and his GF came out of the bedroom as we did. I was spending my first morning in sunny Oz with three wonderful people and I was ‘like the cat that got the cream!’

The only downside to this day was that my big bro’s GF had to work, albeit from home but still, she had a job to do. We (my niece, my big bro and myself) therefore, decided to go for a walk into their little town. We climbed up the hill outside the apartment. Pushing a buggy up this hill was pretty tough going, but very satisfying. I did have to keep pinching myself to believe that I was finally here.

I was in complete awe of my surroundings. The scenery around the apartment was breathtaking. The architecturally perfect apartments and houses on the way to town, were stunning and I loved the traditional little Aussie town houses with little balconies. I was already starting to see why so many Brits fall in love with this place. To top it off, the weather was perfect.

We finally made it into the town and found a nice little café. I had the honour of giving my gorgeous little niece her lunch, followed by a large bottle of milk. My Big bro ordered a coffee for himself, me a delicious cup of hot chocolate and it was this day, that I was introduced to banana bread, toasted banana bread.  As a lover of food, One had to wonder why I had never discovered this delightful treat before!

… It was official, I was in Paradise. By 6.30pm I had bathed the baby and she was tucked up in bed. A very welcome glass of red wine was then handed to me, followed by a scrumptious meal cooked by my ‘really should be a chef’ big bro. It was the perfect end to my perfect first day in Oz.

By 9pm I was in my bed, exhausted, but super exited about the rest of my trip…

(part 3 to follow…)

  1. Jack Flacco

    Oh, banana bread, banana bread, where fore art though banana bread! My wife makes the most awesome banana bread. You’d love it, Emma!

    Your trip so far sounds exciting and wonderful! Great hearing that little cry, isn’t it? I have to admit, I, too, miss that sound. Gosh, to be in the young throes of marriage once again!!!


    1. Emma's Diary

      Haha, yes! It is a wonderful sound!

      I don’t think you can get banana bread here, iv never heard of it. It’s funny how it tastes nothing like banana either! Maybe I need to trip to your house, your wife can bake for a very grateful recipient!!! ☺ It’s delicious! X


      1. Iyal

        My sleep hours are totally ertirac, going to bed at seven one morning, perhaps four the next have totally reversed my sleep rhythm and certainly must be a living experiment in what not to do to the human body!

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