The idea of turning 40, fills most of us with utter dread, this usually subsides though, due to the fabulous celebrations most of us have when we hit the big Four O.

You still feel the same as you did the day, year, decade before.

After 40, 41 is a breeze. Yes, at 41, you can still listen to current music, you can still shop in fashionable stores and you can still go for nights out, despite the fact that most teenagers think you should be sitting in your reclining chair with a cup of Horlicks and a fluffy blanket!

So, when do you really start to feel like you’re getting old?

For me, the first moment came just a couple of months ago, when a harmless comment hit me like a bulldozer! I was asked to model a Make-up look as part of my eldest daughters Make-up Artist course final assessment. I was initially flattered and actually it was a pleasure to sit there while someone put my Make-up on, with far more finesse than I ever could.  It was the brief of the make up session that left me with a slightly bruised ego.  The brief was that the Make-up was to be applied to MATURE SKIN! 

After my initial feeling of being punched in the stomach and questioning why one of her Nan’s wouldn’t have been the more obvious choice, I did have to smile. No offence had been meant and I guess when you’re 21, 41 is pretty mature! Bless her, she’s actually one of the last people who would deliberately offend me, in fact, she only ever says lovely things, so the comment was forgotten and my head went back to thinking it was 25 again!

The next comment, again harmlessly meant, came a couple of weeks ago. One of my work colleagues, who I love dearly by the way, said in jest, “Oh Em, if only I was 10 years younger!” Now as I said, the comment was said in jest as the boys at work are always being silly. However, the comment did sting a bit. The naughty boy that made the comment, is 32, so not particularly young and he had no idea I would take it the way I did, I think he thought he was being complimentary as he said he simply thought OLDER Women, preferred OLDER Men! Not true, as the men I like are all ages including Harry Styles at the tender age of 20, right through to Sly Stallone at 68.

My female colleague (and bestie at work) thought the whole episode was hilarious. She pointed out to him that there are certain things you should never say to a Woman, of any age! We did laugh and bless him, he bought me a delicious chocolate muffin the next day which more than made up for my bruised ego.

So I guess its official, I am 41, however, My head still thinks its in it’s 20’s and I’m not ready to let it grow old just yet!





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