So, my friends and I, are constantly talking about our ageing skin, our increasing wrinkles, our expanding muffin tops and our ever-increasing degrees of cellulite!

I do wonder though, if we maybe put a bit too much pressure on ourselves too carry on looking young.  Can we really hold back the years and even if you can…..

…..should we???

As I have said before, Botox has been a religion to me for about 5 years now, so I’m not against a bit of help if it’s really needed. I have to say though, I am not so convinced by fillers.  I say this through my own experience and from generally seeing people in the Media that sometimes, just go too, too far and end up looking utterly ridiculous!

Well, I have a friend who I adore with all my heart and I think she is beautiful just as she is. She started having Botox about a year ago, so I guess she was quite a late starter compared to me! She has though, become quite, I will say ‘fond’ of injectables! She has had her lips done, which I have to say, are the best, most natural lip fillers that I have ever seen. She has also been extremely brave and bought herself a Derma Roller with 1.5mm needles all over it, (Marked for PHYSICIAN USE ONLY!) so that she can hopefully diminish a few more fine lines without paying salon prices!  I appreciate the desire to save a few pounds and the nurse we go to for our Botox, told her how to use this medieval looking instrument!  The first time she used it, was just around her eyes and although she knew the roller needles needed to pierce the skin and draw a tiny bit of blood, it all looked pretty harmless!

She heeled up beautifully within a few days and I could even see an improvement around her eyes.  So, she had to wait 6 weeks before she could repeat the procedure…

… This is where my view of minor cosmetic procedures starts to change! My friend, sent me a photo of the lower half of her face after she had used the Derma Roller for the second time.  The blood was literally pouring down her face! I have to say I was quite concerned! Admittedly,  the following day, she didn’t look to bad! a tad bruised and swollen but nothing that won’t heal up in a few days.   It did make me wonder though, if sometimes, we go too far?  Are we just a bit too self critical?

We will, however, continue to have minor procedures, buy expensive skin care products that don’t really work and plaster ourselves in wrinkle covering foundation! But I do think we need to start growing old a little bit more gracefully!???

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