Well, this kind of feels like I am about to write my bucket list! It’s not! I just have so many things that are ‘possible 40th birthday pressie‘s!’ That I thought I should write them down.

I am being a little bit premature really planning my 40th, as I haven’t even turned 39 yet!  The problem is, I had decided that my age was going backwards! I know everybody says that they still feel 20 when they reach the big 40, but seriously, I will be 40 next year and it is actually starting to freak me out!

It is really only the last 6-12 months that this has started to hit me.  I am no longer a cool young Mom, I am ‘EMBARRASSING MOM!  I am getting old!

Well, this is not a bad thing, this is what gives me the freedom to pick a fabulous thing to do when I am 40!

Here Goes:

1, Go to New York!  New York in June, will be beautiful! Perfect weather to stroll through Central Park! We can take a picnic and people watch! Next we could walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, and catch the subway back to hotel! We can visit the Empire State Building, Climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty, and you simply cannot go to New York without going to see a Yankee’s game! Finally we can hit Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales for yummy designer goodies to take home!

2, Visit Havana! I simply have to go to old Havana, while it still has all it’s rustic heritage and charm.  I want to take pictures of old cars.  I want to photograph old women sitting on steps outside their homes and emptying buckets of water out of the window!  I want to take Salsa classes in an historic building, surrounded by sexy Cuban Dancers!

3, Cosmetic Surgery!  There are several things that need to be addressed, but I think it best if I don’t go into too much detail on this one!

4, I would like a vintage Rolex from 1973, the year I was born.

5, I NEED a Macbook Pro! So I’m actually going to put this one to the top of my list, then I’m going to add  ‘plus one of the following!’

6, A joint 40th birthday Party with husbands best friend (He is my friend too!!!!!) We would both have to pick our own bands though as we have completely different taste in music.  Oh I would only do this if I could sing a song while playing my guitar!    Now this is something that I would never have the bottle to do, so to be fair, this party is probably never going to happen!

7, Teeth whitening?

8, Finally (for now) I would love my gorgeous and wonderful husband to buy me an Antique Emerald and Diamond Gold Ring. Hmm, this is way too expensive I know, but I’ll keep it on my list, for future reference!

So, that’s it!  One of these wonderful things (plus the Macbook Pro) is going to make my 40th birthday, much less painful. Or at least this is what I am going to tell myself for the next 12 months, to stop myself having a Midlife Crisis! It is, after all, much worse for us girls, with our raging Menopausal Hormones, than it is for Men!

Wish me luck with the list!

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