Today has been one of those days that we all, especially us Girls, have from time to time.

It was probably no different to any other Sunday, but every now and then, my Sunday’s leave me exhausted! Please feel free to reassure me that I am not alone!

So I started the day with a pretty ‘hiccup free’ trip to the shops with my Mom.  We were back at 1 so I had the afternoon free to do ironing and wash my hair?…

… Well the hair didn’t get washed!  I made myself some soup for lunch, then found myself having to nag my 14 year old to revise for her mock exams which, are this week.  This, as always, went down like a lead balloon!  Now I don’t know how other moms feel, but being quite a young Mom, I have always considered myself to be my daughters friend more than her Mom.  This though, in recent months, has changed.  The reason for this?  Well, for her, I just think she has become to cool to be friends with Mommy!

For me? With the GCSE exams she has already had and the Mock exams that she has to sit this week, I have had to become a proper Mom! Nagging and persuading to revise, constantly asking if she’s done her homework and study even though ‘Facebook‘ is calling!

I have not enjoyed this new role at all!

The rest of my day, has consisted of ironing, four hours of ironing to be exact! This is partly down to my minor OCD tendencies for every crease and fold to be ironed meticulously and also due to the fact that I am Just quite slow at ironing, especially whilst watching Rambo and Made of Honor.  I am not sure if You can do anything as potentiously as dangerous as ironing whilst drueling over Sly Stallone and Patrick Dempsey!

During the break between these two films, I prepared chilli for our Dinner.

It was 6.30pm when my husband arrived home from working on his mark one Escort, (her name is Ellie for future reference).  So it was almost 7 by the time we sat down to Dinner and Dancing on ice! It was at least an hour later when I had finished clearing up. I then of course had to put the ironed clothes away, followed by the extremely heavy iron, the ironing board, washing basket and hangers!

At 8.30, time for my favourite programme, ‘Wild at Heart.’  this was followed by a not very relaxing shower, sticking more washing in the machine etc, etc, etc!

10pm, I’m exhausted! Sorry for the moan everyone but, roll on next weekend…

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