I am sitting here, wondering if we are the only Country that turns on our people the way that we do?

Firstly, in the press this week, we have the tax drama of Jimmy Carr. Obviously, we all have our own opinions on this one and there is no right or wrong.

My opinion is this:

  • I like David Cameron, I do, but in this instance, I think he has been a complete bully!
  • If our rich weren’t forced to pay the most ridiculous amounts of tax, maybe more of them would keep their money in this Country!
  • Why oh why, do we seem to want to punish people for working hard and making lots of money?
  • In my humble opinion, we should all pay EXACTLY THE SAME PERCENTAGE of tax, regardless of how much money we earn!
  • If we did this, rich people would stop using tax havens etc and keep their wealth, in this Country.  Instead, they take it overseas to avoid paying extortionate rates that quite simply, in my opinion, are not fair!
  • I do not and will never understand why we, (in a country that can no longer afford to do it) give money to people who don’t want to go to work, who keep having children that they cannot afford.  Yet we take it away from people who have worked extremely hard to earn more money to enhance their future.

Next, I had actually quite enjoyed watching England play in Euro 2012.  It was a shame that they didn’t go any further than the quarter final and yes, Italy were obviously, better in the end on the night.  Why though, was I not at all surprised, to hear that racist idiots, have been posting abuse on twitter to Ashley Cole and Ashley Young?!!!

I find some football fans to be very childish and extremely shallow! Everyone I have spoken to (all Men, may I add) have moaned about the England team.

  • “They are not good enough!”
  • “Should play better given the money they earn!”
  • “He shouldn’t have taken the penalty!”
  • “Too Young!”
  • “Too old!”
  • “They have no pride in playing for their Country!”
  • “We need a decent Manager!”
  • “Rooney is over-rated!”

These are just some of the comments that I have heard following sunday nights game.

Well, I don’t think any one person should be to blame.  They are a team! Also, I wonder, if the people who made these comments actually watched the game?

  • They played for 2 hours without Italy scoring a goal so clearly, they didn’t play that badly!
  • Italy also missed a penalty!
  • Both Ashley Young and Ashley Cole looked crushed when they failed to score.
  • Wayne Rooney, looked like he was about to explode at the end of the game so give the man a break!

Finally, In my opinion once more, Every single player looked to me like they fought harder than ever before to win the match.  It’s just a shame, that to us ‘English folk‘…

…your best is sometimes, just not good enough.

    1. Anonymous

      It’s the standard WordPress font for this theme but I will bear it in mind. Thank you for your feedback x


      1. Mncebisi

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      2. Monala

        Hey CJ, I am not an author but I am an edtior and avid reader. I have several friends that are doing the self publishing thing and I have to say that everyone I have talked to is different. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way of doing things. Whatever works for you, that is what you should stick with. I have been doing a little blogging and have found that I use both the outline and the freestyle depending on my mood. So I think that you should go with what you feel.I hope I am not just rambling on but actually made some kind of sense! LOLI enjoyed Diary and look forward to the next one!

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