Well what a week it’s been!

Our daily news bulletins for the last few years, have been full of doom & gloom!  I reached a point, quite some time ago now, to switch over or go out of the room whenever the News appeared on the TV screen!

It has therefore been truly refreshing this week to see Prince Harry on his travels!  What a lovely, down to earth, young Man he is!  Not at all what you would expect a young Royal to be!  His Mother would be so very proud!

Then just yesterday to see The Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, being kicked off in the Midlands was just lovely!

‘Kate’ (Princess Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge) is simply beautiful.  She looks genuine, completely at ease and again, down to earth and truly happy. She radiates warmth and kindness just as Diana did.

Our new Young Royals, are just what this Country needs!

Ill be honest, there isn’t an awful lot that I like about our bleak little country and I dread telling people which Country I am from when we go on holiday, but yesterday, I actually felt a little bit proud to be British!

  1. Jone

    My daughter is the only girl in the whole fmaliy so she gets all new cloths I save all her cute dresses so that if I do have another girl she would use them. So I say that yes im a fan.Have a great week!!~Jazmin


  2. Emily

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