I turned a new corner very recently and as I did, I realised that some of my priorities were wrong, well not necessarily wrong, but misplaced.

Like a lot of women, I have a passion for clothes. Gorgeous new, stylish wonderful clothes. I still do and will always love fashion and what it does for my self-esteem. I treat getting dressed like playing dress up, I choose my outfits to fit my mood that day, or to cover up the part of me that on that particular day, is giving me the urge to scream at the top of my lungs and hide away in disgust!! For me an outfit is a costume. The outfits I wear are reflective of the character I feel like playing on that particular day.

Recently however, something has replaced my obsession for everything fabric. Something very alien to me has taken the place of my passion for fashion… Although, my new obsession still warrants the need for fabric purchases, yes, I have had to make a space in my wardrobe for outfits I can wear to the gym! Yes, me, non sporty, never goes to a gym, little ole me has found a new undying love for working out and lifting weights at my local gym.

This passion began 6 months ago when I decided I was no longer prepared to accept all of my flaws. That I was fed up of looking at myself in the mirror and cringing at my reflection. So, instead of the never-ending investment I’ve made to my wardrobe, I have made the decision to invest in ‘Me.’

My new focus has switched from endless online shopping, to getting off my backside and going to the Gym. 5-6 days per week, pretty much every week, since March. I don’t do anywhere near enough cardio apart from to warm up. That part will definitely have to be incorporated soon though, as I need drop a few pounds before my Christmas holiday in the sun. No, when I go to the Gym, I go to lift weights to try to shape and grow my puny muscles and surprisingly, I absolutely love it.

Trying to tone up and re-shape a 43-year-old body has not been the easiest journey. It’s hard work and the results are taking time to show. While I’ve been on this journey, It has made me think of all the things we make investments in during our lives. Houses, holidays, cars, the list could go on and on. Surely though, there is something way more important than all of those things… You! Maybe if we all took just a bit more time to invest in ourselves, we would all be so much happier…

… I know I am 🙂 x


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