Oh my goodness where on earth do I start?

I’m taking a sick day from work today, not sure if I have a nasty cold or flu, all I know is I feel pretty dreadful. Having a cold… definitely something I hate. I never get mild colds, when they strike, I usually get through several boxes of tissues in the space of a few hours, then I ache all over, feel nauseas, dizzy and my head feels like it’s about to explode!!! I’ve been on the settee for the last two days, the cold part is drying up but the dizziness just won’t subside. So as I’m lying here, I figured a post was well overdue. In fact, this will be my first post of 2016!!! Where on earth have the last month and a half gone??

So now to the topic at hand… Pet Hates.

Well, I have a few of these. Primarily I think at the top of the list is Men leaving the toilet seat up. Fortunately, My man doesn’t do this. Unless he’s very drunk, which can of course be forgiven. Maybe it’s due to the fact that he’s a Dad with two girls and obviously a wife, but he says it’s just good manners when you know that women will be using the same loo too.

Next and actually the thing that irritates me the most, due to the fact that Hubby doesn’t generally leave the loo seat up, is the bed not being made. I don’t discriminate on this one, whether it’s the kids, Hubby or friends who have stayed over. I cannot standย to see an unmade bed. It’s the first thing I do when I come home from work as hubby is completely incapable of doing this correctly. Therefore, he no longer bothers at all. Our teenage daughter sometimes makes hers, sometimes she doesn’t. I can’t leave it though, I have to make it look pretty. you just cannot get into a bed that hasn’t been made.

Three on my list of irritating things is emptying the dishwasher.

Four emptying the kitchen bin, a chore that only I seem capable of doing. My hubby and daughter just push everything down so it’s even more challenging to get the bin liner out!

Next I think has to be putting clothes away or maybe picking my hubby scrunched up towels from the floor.

Finally, Putting away the food shopping… ugh, I hate it!!!

I guess they’re all pretty basic common household pet hates but I would be interested to know, what irritates you?



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