As a teen, I didn’t get many spots and was blessed with puppy fat, not cheekbones that screamed to be blushed, so I rarely wore even a scrap of make-up. Granted, my 80’s perm was a pain to keep tame but my ‘getting my face ready time’ was super minimal.

As I hit my twenties I do remember introducing clear mascara and occasionally brown lip stick into my daily routine, but again, my skin was good so it never took me long to beautify myself in the mornings. This was also the wonderful age of the hair straightener. my fluffy, kinky hair was transformed in no time into an amazing sleek ‘do’ that had never been possible to achieve before.

30’s, I loved my thirties. At 30 I Still had pretty good skin and by 33 I had discovered Botox! Oh wonderful Botox!! By 30 I’ll confess I wouldn’t leave the house without eyeliner and solid black mascara. Without it, my piggy little eyes just didn’t seem to pop. I was also wearing the odd dab of concealer by now to cover the odd spot and conceal the slight darkness that had appeared under my eyes, but again, I never seemed to need to spend an entire morning making myself look human.

so today, at the tender age of 42, I find myself sitting on the bedroom floor in front of the mirror, wondering when it had started to take me so long to do my face?

Most mornings I simply use a make up remover wipe for speed. But today I noticed how dehydrated and pimply my skin was. Then to top this off, my eyebrows were in desperate need of a good plucking which alerted me to the one thing no woman wants to see on her face! Where the hell did all these hairs come from??? Eyebrow plucking is one thing, but hairs anywhere else on a woman face simply shouldn’t be allowed! They had to go!

Once these horrible little hairs had been painfully removed and my spots and pimples were squeezed into oblivion, a full on Eve Lom cleanse was performed. This was followed by a Tiny Tea, Tea Face facial scrub mask for ten minutes before smothering it in serum, eye cream and much-needed moisturiser. Over half an hour later I emerged resembling myself again instead of the hairy, smudgy eyed monster that had sat there forty minutes earlier. half a gallon of concealer, eyeliner & mascara later, I was ready to face the world.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that this isn’t a pattern of daily tasks that need to be done or I’ll be spending my entire old age, sitting on a bedroom floor in front of a mirror!



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