As I lie for the second morning in a row on my comfy settee at 6.37am, after being awake for almost two hours, I realise that this is one of my favourite places in the entire world.

Early mornings in our house, are usually the same, silent!

A faint noise from the kitchen, maybe the odd whistle from a bird outside and the very occasional hum of a car engine as it drives past, are mere background noises that never manage to ruin my peaceful happy place.

Along with my comfy settee, I have a few other places that make me feel totally and utterly relaxed & at peace. My bed at midnight for example, being one and our favourite place to go on holiday, Fuerteventura being another. It could be seen by others as boring to visit the same destination year on year. After all, there are so many magical places that we have yet to discover in the world. For us though, familiarity is key for the perfect holiday destination. Stepping off the plane in Fuerteventura and jumping in a car to make our way to Corralejo feels like we’ve arrived home.

There is something immediately relaxing about travelling to a familiar destination. A destination that you have already discovered, yet still manage to see or find something new, each time you visit.

If it were not for our families, friends and the inconvenience and financial necessity to attend our day jobs, oh and the fact that my hubby could never really imagine himself leaving Blighty for good, I would move there in a heartbeat. So ok, this is never likely to happen, but if it did, my dream would be to open a little surf/skate shop selling everything the discerning surfer and skater could ever possible desire. Or maybe a beautiful bohemian clothing and accessories boutique, to complete the perfect laid-back lifestyle.

Well, it never hurt anyone to have a little dream!

In October, we will be flying to another of my favourite places, Beautiful Barbados. You see, we’re not boring, we like to visit this beautiful island too. Well, as often as the purse strings will allow! This will be our third time on this stunning Island so it is now familiar enough for us to relax the moment we step off the plane. My hubby already knows where the best surf spots are and I get to unwind on the beach and you can’t pick a bad beach in Barbados, there simply aren’t any.

Barbados has the friendliest locals, the tastiest seafood, which just happens to be one of my favourite foods, stunning beaches & glorious, year round sunshine. It is the place you dream of visiting as a child. The place your imagination takes you to. The place where the woes of everyday life simply disappear.

For now, I will be content with my peaceful mornings and the wonderful holidays to our favourite places. Waking up at 4am is now beginning to take its toll. The beauty however, of waking so early on a sunday, means an early morning power nap is a luxury that today, I can afford…

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