Sometimes when writing a blog that you know people you know will read, it can be hard to say everything that you would like to. Over the last few years I have written in this blog which was initially private, or at least private to anyone that knew me. I could write about pretty much anything I liked. However, since sharing it on my Facebook and Twitter pages, I’ve needed to be a little more mindful of the thoughts I share in black & white.

Recently, well, over the last year or so, several people have really inspired me but as I respect their privacy and anonymity, I have avoided putting my feelings about them on to the page. The two women in question have taken my breath away and brought tears to my eyes with how incredibly brave and composed they have been and it’s made me realise that you don’t have to have taken some Epic Journey, take on a death defying Challenge or make a billion pounds over night to be utterly inspirational. Though in this case you could argue that that’s exactly what they have done. They have both had the toughest fight of their lives. They have both had Cancer.

I struggle to even write the word and what do you say to someone when they receive the news that they have it?  Thankfully, one of them finished her treatment and was given the all clear several months ago.  The other is on her last leg of treatment and thank god, it’s worked. She too has been informed it’s all gone. I can’t even imagine the relief that must be felt on hearing those words. The reason I’m writing this is because I am utterly in awe of both of them. They have been so positive.  I’m sure they both had and maybe still have moments when they’ve wanted to crumble but they haven’t. Well not publicly anyway. I’m pretty sure I would.

One of the girls who means an awful lot to me has absolutely taken the big C by the horns and basically kicked the pants out of it. She has lived every moment during and since it, to the absolute fullest. I have compete admiration for her and couldn’t be happier for her and her family now she has won her fight. She truly is incredible.

The other, equally as incredible is almost at the end of her fight and she too has shown Cancer whose boss. Whenever we message I really do feel quite emotional. I really am truly inspired by these beautiful Woman and their incredible, positive attitude to this cruel, very frightening disease.

With help from charities like Cancer Research, there are now as many people who survive Cancer as die from it. It is everyone’s hope that one day, everyone will beat this awful disease.

Facts aside, I am astounded by the way people cope with Cancer. I don’t think anyone can imagine how they’ll feel if they hear their doctor saying “you have Cancer” so I am utterly inspired when I see how the people I know, have handled it.

On 12th July I am running in Race for Life with my Mom, Youngest Daughter & Best Friend. We are hoping to raise as much as we can so that more & more incredibly brave people can say they have beaten the big C!

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