On our last bank holiday weekend, I had the rare, unexpected but pleasurable company of my Hubby!

He has spent the last two years or more, working on his cars at the weekend.

This week however, he gave himself a well deserved break.

He spent the day with our youngest on the Saturday, while I was out for a pub crawl with some friends.

It was a lovely afternoon, but I couldn’t stay out all evening. I wanted to go home and spend it with my family.  Also, I was out with my bff, who following a previous night of gin drinking, then topping up during our afternoon pub crawl with at least 5 pints of cider, was a little worse for wear! We swiftly made our exit at around 5pm and flagged down a passing taxi to take us home.

Waiting for me with a ginormous cheesy grin, was my overly enthusiastic BMX (and all things with any amount of speed!) loving Hubby! You see, he built me my very own shiny, pink, BMX bike, so that we can go on mini bike rides in the sun! I had so far managed to avoid the inevitable dread of going public with my ancient bike riding skills, but I guess today was the day that I finally got my butt quite literally into gear and agreed to go for a ‘little’ ride around the block!

A few minutes after setting off and after he’d finished videoing me with a great big cheshire grin on his face, I actually started to enjoy myself! We met his bff’s Mom on our travels, she was highly amused, although one of her dogs was not quite so enamoured with my hubby’s ‘Haro‘ as he was! He was barking at it incessantly! I’m sure he thought it was a very strange-looking gigantic yellow dog!

We continued pedalling our retro BMX bikes home and I was even permitted to cycle for a few metres on Hubby’s ‘superior’ BMX, just to see how nippy it was and how amazing the brakes are compared to mine! Personally, I couldn’t tell much difference and mine is pink and chrome, so far more suited to me! I felt like I was a privileged child one minute and a proud parent to my ‘smiley’ Hubby the next!

The weekend was rounded off with a trip to a kit car show in Hubby’s shiny Sierra Cossie! She received rather a lot of attention from passers-by which was rather complimentary given some of the stunning & unusual creations on display.

It was a great weekend spent with friends, family and my Hubby’s 1980’s toys…

…Roll on next bank holiday weekend and fingers crossed, the sun will be shining again!



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