Last night I was all geared up for a night out with a friend. A friend that I haven’t seen socially since our joint birthday almost two years ago. We have known each other for about 19 years and a good old chin wag was well over due!

I picked her up just after 6pm and we made our way to the cinema. Upon arrival, we printed the tickets that I had pre-booked earlier that day. We then noticed the bar upstairs was closed so we proceeded to buy gigantic hot dogs, a large popcorn each and the most enormous Pepsi’s you have ever laid eyes on!

We devoured our hotdogs in minutes and we hardly came up for air, chatting about pretty much everything and anything to do with our daily lives. With two minutes to spare, she asked what the time was, so we quickly gathered our treats and made our way to screen 9 for our boys film, ‘Need For Speed’ starring Aaron Paul. (We both have a little crush on him!)

We chatted and giggled as we stumbled up the steps to our luxurious premier seats. There was a trailer showing which we immediately recognised as the Lego Movie, so we sat down and made ourselves comfortable.

After a few minutes, she made a pre movie visit to the loo, upon her return, I decided it would be wise for me to pay a visit too.

As I walked back into the cinema, I noticed that the Lego Movie was still on. I started to wonder if we were in the right screen. Finally I reached my friend, sitting in her seat and laughing, silently yet uncontrollably! She practically had tears rolling down her face and it took me several minutes to find out what the joke was. By this time, I too began to laugh hysterically and now, neither of us were being particularly quiet!

She finally managed to stop laughing for long enough to tell me what had tickled her so much…

… The tickets were for next Wednesday!!! We had walked straight into the middle of the actual Lego Movie and had failed to notice the evil stares that we’d most likely been on the receiving end of in the auditorium! We quickly, still laughing, made our exit and decided to spend the rest of the evening chatting while we finished our popcorn and Pepsi.

Despite the fact that we didn’t get to see the film, it was a great evening with and old friend and I’m sure the memory will make us both smile for years to come!

I knew there was a reason I stayed blonde!!! x

  1. Aunt Beulah

    What fun! That’s what good friends are for: sharing, enjoying, and laughing uncontrollably. You made a happy mistake and had the wisdom to have fun with it.


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