My hubby and I, have decided that we work with a whole bunch of Misfits! I do, by the way, mean this in the nicest possible way.

I, myself, am quite odd! I have mild OCD, some rather peculiar ideas and I confess, am a little bit dizzy!

Compared to some of them however, I am really quite normal!

The Misfits we work with come in many guises. One of them, is as mad as a hatter, but he’s one of my favourites! Another is a bit Jekyll & Hyde, completely nuts or grumpy one minute, then as cheeky and jolly as sand-boy the next.

We have the beautiful and the extremely tall, the not so beautiful and the ‘rather’ short, (Me!)

We have rude boys & cheeky boys. Some are meticulous & immaculately dressed, while others allow themselves to get completely stressed!

They all have their quirks which make them unique.

They make me smile & laugh everyday, which is never a bad thing, except that by 3 o’clock, my wrinkles are considerably more  pronounced than I would like them to be!

I have to say, all in all, they are a pretty cool bunch and I have a little soft spot for them all!

After a complete analysis of the entire staff, it dawned on me that only two of them were normal, yet on reflection, I’m not so sure they are.

This has led me to the conclusion that normal people, are in the minority among us. Be honest, how many normal people do you know?

and finally…

…are you???

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