I have decided, on this bleak and dreary day, to write about work! Ordinarily, this isn’t something that I would write about to perk myself up, but today, I am all about motivation and lets face it, I spend half of my life there. (Three days actually, but it feels like so much more!)

We have three lovely newbies in the office. One of them, a very charming young man and the others, two pretty girls who are actually out most of the time, selling to the world!

One of the pretty newbies, is so tall, that I have unofficially banned her from wearing heals anywhere in my vicinity!

They are also young, but who cares about this, I have embraced the naughty forties and have even managed to perfect my condescending smile! I also find myself thinking, ‘Awe, bless her!’ far too often! CRINGE! Don’t worry, a quick slap across my face and I’m soon back in the head of my 25-year-old self.

Anyway, I have come to the brilliant conclusion, that in order to enjoy my working life a bit more, I need to step it up! I am going to appoint myself, as Brand Ambassador for the Company.  In short, I am going to create a Company twitter account. You see, I need to do something, that once in a while, takes me away from drowning in the admin that bores me to tears . I wonder if anyone upstairs would notice if I snook in another newbie to help me with my menial tasks, then I could concentrate on the more exiting, more important things! I’m thinking exiting is too extreme a word, but things that don’t send me into a coma within minutes of walking through the door!

This would make my new role as Contracts Administrator, Quality Manager, General Dog’s Body & BRAND AMBASSADOR much more agreeable and I could do it all, with a nice big cheesy smile, sprawled across my face!

Now I really must get on with my daily chores and get my running gear (and waterproof’s) ready. Tonight I am doing Race For Life with my Youngest and my Mom.  This time, no sunny blue skies.  Firstly, it is a Twilight event so it will be dark! Second, it is bucketing down, so we are going to get absolutely drenched. We have however, raised over £400 for charity, which is great! I’m sure this will be worth a little soaking!

Wish us luck 🙂 xx

  1. Jack Flacco

    Hey Emma, I kinda like bleak and dreary days! I like them because they’re the most inspirational times in my life. Then again, who wants to have them all the time? Not me!

    Stepping it up is always a good thing. Brand Ambassador sounds like a good title. How about Statistic Domain Administrator Extraordinaire? That should suffice, no? 😉


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