There are so many Movies and TV Shows that feature OCD. ‘As Good As It Gets‘, ‘Matchstick Men‘ and Monk, to name but a few. I have also seen a particularly hilarious episode of friends that touched on the condition in the most amusing way.  So does OCD always mean that we need to see a Shrink?

OCD is a topic that interests me, because I have it. Do I need to see a psychotherapist? No I do not!

There are clearly varying degrees of OCD. Mine, is fairly mild. I touch things. Door handles, taps, towels etc. How many times I have to touch them, depends on my mood. It’s never a huge number though, so it doesn’t cause me a huge issue. I also like to eat an even number of crisps, sweets, etc, unless I’m eating a full packet of something, then it doesn’t matter.

For me, it is about control. If I do what my head is telling me to do then bad things won’t happen. But I’m not ridiculously obsessive about it, so it really isn’t a problem.

For some people, OCD can be like a living hell! If it starts to take over your life and prevents you from participating in normal, social situations, then yes, you need to see someone and get some help.

I, am of the mind-set, that almost everyone has slight OCD tendencies. Or if not OCD,  rituals or habits that are a bit absurd or not quite the norm.

I know someone, who can’t bear the sound of cutlery being scraped across the plate with that high-pitched squeaky sound. The sound of chalk screeching down the blackboard. When this happens, she scratches the plate where the squeak occurred. I find this highly amusing. This is far more crazy than any of my funny little traits.

Another, won’t use a public toilet for a number 2! Not even a posh one! (A posh toilet that is, I’m not sure you can have a posh number 2!) Maybe this is not that strange, but still, a bit weird in my opinion!

So, I am curious.  How many people that we know, really do have OCD? I’m going to start spying on all my friends and work colleagues to see if I can find someone who does!…


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