DSC_0698Sunday morning in Oz was another beautiful day and an extra special one for my Big bro, as it was his first Fathers Day!

I have no idea why they have Fathers Day & Mothers Day at different times than we do in Blighty, but they do, so we would make an extra special day of it.

My scrumptious niece had obviously made Daddy some lovely gifts at Day Care so these were given to him first, along with some extra goodies from Mom! I finally handed him some liquorice All-sorts (one of his favourite sweets as child) before getting the munchkin ready for our day trip to Palm Beach. Yes, Palm Beach, how exiting! I was going to Summer Bay!

Summer Bay was everything I expected it to be and so much more! The most beautiful luxurious houses & condos overlooking the ocean, definitely home to rich & extremely lucky people! The weather, yet again was utterly glorious and after a fab day on the beach and a few nostalgic photos to show the folks back home, we set off, back to the apartment. It had been another wonderful day with my family and I was rapidly falling in love with Oz!

My Sis in law and I had decided we were going to make dinner as it was fathers day and my Bro usually does the cooking. We made a super large salad and caused complete havoc trying to cook the fish! He ended up being summoned to rescue us! Neither of us particularly minded though, I think she likes to cook about as little as me!

Monday morning soon came along and as my Big Bro had a meeting, we were having a girly morning! My Niece, My Big Bro’s GF and a very contented Me, went for a lovely walk across the bridge, stopping for a refreshing smoothie once we reached the other side. It was refreshing to have a proper girly gossip and once more, we’d been blessed with a glorious day.

When Big Bro returned, we all packed up our beach gear again for an afternoon at Manley Beach, followed by a spot of shopping. Manley is a shopping haven for surfers so I knew I would be able to find some goodies for my Hubby! It didn’t take long to spend far too much money, somehow, several items for me, also found their way into the basket, so I made a bee line for the car park before I could spend any more of my rubbery Ozzie cash!

Tuesday, was my day to babysit. By lunchtime, me & munchkin were on our way into town. We had a great afternoon. We walked for what seemed like miles, had lunch then went to play on the swings, she loves the swing! Soon Mommy was home and I couldn’t help feel a pang of emotion when I saw the smile appear on her little face as her Mom walked through the door.

Wednesday took us to Chowder Bay. Another stunning place to visit. Just us and one other family sat on the beach. I took a lovely stroll to the nearest café to grab some drinks and snacks, only to be informed by my Big Bro upon my return, that the place I had just been to, is home to many local Spiders! EEEK! I was rather pleased he didn’t warn me about this before, as I hate them, with a passion! While we were here, it dawned on me that I would be leaving in two days so I had a bit of a photo frenzy before we made our way back to the car.

Thursday was my penultimate day in Oz and we were spending it at The Rocks in Sydney. It was lovely here. They took me to one of the oldest pubs in Sydney for a few snaps. We also saw the Opera House in daylight and had lunch in a lovely old bar.  I was really looking forward to the evening, as we were going to a little fish restaurant for dinner.

I sat very proudly next to my Niece at the table, opposite my Big Bro and his GF. She was, as always, a little treasure. While we ate, she drank her milk and by 6.30. we had finished our delicious meal and were heading back down the hill, back to their apartment. We were all rather amused by how utterly rock & roll we were by staying out until almost 7pm! The time though, did not matter.  It had been another lovely evening and I was now starting to feel emotional about my impending departure.

Friday soon came along. It was a shame that my sis in law had to work from home today but I would see her before it was time to leave. My Bro, My Niece & I, were off to the Zoo. This was great! We had our photo taken with the Koala Bears, saw Wallabies, Kangaroos and Tasmanian Devils and tons of other animals. The baby was as good as gold and completely un-fazed by it all. At 2pm we headed back so I could finish off my packing. After a light lunch and another trip to the swings, it was time to leave. This was a moment that I had dreaded since I booked the trip.

My Big Bro’s Gf was first for a hug and she started of my tears. I fought to hold them back as I knew if I really started, I probably wouldn’t stop. Next, My Niece, oh my goodness, how I was going to miss her. Her smile could melt even the toughest of hearts and I was truly smitten. after a last farewell and a few deep breaths, My Bro and I were in the car on our way to the airport.

We talked all the way there and I was actually a little relieved when he missed the turning for the car park.  I told him not to go round again. “Just drop me off” I said, as I knew this would be the easiest way to say good-bye. we hugged on the pavement outside the entrance and I truly lost the ability to speak. the tears started to tumble-down my cheeks. As he drove away, they continued to fall and didn’t actually stop until I had walked through passport control. I was gutted to be leaving so soon. The trip had been so much more than I had ever expected it to be. I had also fallen head over heels in love with my niece and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my Big Bro and really getting to know his wonderful Girlfriend.

It was bitter-sweet though, as I was also dying to see my family back home.  I had roughly 24 hours until I would see my Hubby and Youngest Daughter at Birmingham Airport and I was looking forward to a massive hug! X

  1. Jack Flacco

    That’s the thing about visiting family I’ve never liked–the saying good-bye part. I wish family all lived in the same area, but that’s unrealistic. In an ideal world everyone would live in the same neighborhood, having block parties, and spending weekends there. But then we’d never leave! Meh, maybe it is better this way, eh? 😉

    Good hear you had a good time. And nothing quite like family! Nothing quite like it at all! 🙂


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