In just over a weeks time I am off to Oz to spend 9 days with my brother and his family.

Exited, doesn’t really ‘cut it’ at this stage, you see, I’m not just going to see my Big Bro, who incidentally, I haven’t seen for almost three years. I will also be spending the week with his beautiful girlfriend and my totally awesome baby niece. Major cuddle’s are seriously overdue!

Add to this, the fact that I have never been to Oz before (and I gather it is pretty spectacular) then you have a pretty explosive mix of excitement, apprehension and curiosity that is literally cursing through my veins!

My planning of how I will endure the super long flight is quite simple.  I have an iPad loaded with tv and movies, a kindle containing more books than I could read in a year, an iPhone crammed with plenty of eclectic tunes and a pillow that I am sure will allow me to drift off to sleep for at least a third of the journey.  I’m fairly confident that with these items, along with the in flight entertainment and the Qantas hospitality, I will be able to survive. I also quite enjoy flying. Flying solo with no one to worry about, is also something I am going to relish!

During the week ahead, my stress levels will go through the roof, they always do until I’m parked firmly in the airport. But this is fine, I have everything I need just waiting to be stuffed into my suitcase.

I will of course miss my family and I will worry unnecessarily about my Hubby, as he’s not really what you would call a domestic god! My youngest daughter and he are fending for themselves, a frightening thought! Though I am sure they will manage perfectly without me and I’m sure they wont miss my nagging at all!


…I am off to stare at my empty suitcase once again so I can try to imagine how on earth I am going to fit everything in!!!

  1. Ana J.

    hi emma!
    its amazing to know what is happening in a stranger’s life. well dont think you are really a stranger, but yes you are. oh its confusing. simply said, its good to be connected. thanks to the blogosphere.


    1. Emma's Diary

      Thank you Anna, yes I find it quite intriguing. I’m very nosey, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in a strangers home. You just never know if things are quite how they initially appear! Xx


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