A few days ago, my Bff, invited me to one of her colleagues leaving “do’s” on friday night, in town. Well, I don’t get out that often, so I thought I’d accept the invitation and prepare to don my dancing shoes!

As the week progressed, My enthusiasm for our big night out started to dwindle. I ended up back on antibiotics for the third time in a month and although my symptoms had eased off nicely, I developed a wonderful side effect from the pills that made me want to spend the evening slumped on my settee, swathed in my comfy p.j’s.

Friday soon came and I was not feeling my best at all. I pre-warned my bff that I may not make it, but I spent the day, being glared at by my bossy little subconscious self, through her geeky spectacles, telling me to stop being such an old stick in the mud!

A final plea from by bestie and I was showered, preened and dressed suitably for cocktails. (well Pepsi actually but cocktails sounds way better!)

I jumped on the bus which seemed to take an eternity to get into town. I then teetered along the cobbles on my ridiculous heels until I reached the bar where a nice cold Pepsi and a rather comfy chair were welcomingly waiting for me.

The beautiful girls and gorgeous guys were all soon drinking and chatting merrily away, when I spotted the  piece de resistance Strutting up the road. One of my bff’s work colleagues, the luscious Leona, had arrived and she is one hot mama! After a friendly cheek kiss from Leona’s amazing lips, I was left with a wonderful red imprint on my right cheek! What I would do for lips like hers!

By 8.20pm it was time for me to make my exit. After promising to pick up my daughter from a birthday meal, I knew I needed to make my way to the taxi rank. I was surprisingly joined by my bff and by 9pm, I was sitting on my settee in my P.J’s, watching Big Brother‘s eviction.

Well, Iv never been a party animal, but this was early, even by my standards. I was, however, pleased that I had gone.  I’d had a pleasant couple of hours, with a lovely group of people, yet I was still home, slumped on the settee at an extremely reasonable hour!

Here’s to many more…..

Mini Night’s Out! X

  1. Janay

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  2. Gabriel

    I’m with you. Being around the pelope I love and cherish that most and who love and cherish me is what brings spirit and joy to my life. Having pelope who genuinely care about me and want to be there for me whether times are good or not is a blessing and makes me thankful.


  3. Ivan

    – These are great! This is one of my biggest isesus that I need to work on that you do so well getting up close close close. I don’t know what my deal about that is. I am trying! SUCH A GREAT JOB GIRL!


  4. Jack Flacco

    Great spending time with friends. I admire how you pulled through for them feeling the way you were. I would have probably passed out by the time Leona showed up, but that’s just me. I don’t do well with drugs! 🙂

    You did good, though, and it sounds like you had a good time!


      1. Nur

        So beautiful!!! You cautpre the most amazingly sweet moments Love them all, Little Kailey is so adorable (and has Shannon’s eyes!) I can’t believe she is already 6 months old time goes way to fast! Great job!!!

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