It dawned on me this morning, as I was drinking my smoothie, that firstly, I have recently been very neglectful of my blog! Secondly, that I follow the same pattern, every single morning.

When I’m at home, I get up at around 6am, I go to the bathroom, weigh myself, brush my teeth, then make my way downstairs. I turn off the alarm, go into the kitchen, make my toast and pour myself a super fruit smoothie! I could almost be a robot for those first 10 minutes when I wake.

When I go to work, the first thing I do after opening the blinds, is make myself another breakfast with a cup of tea. I am then continually thinking about food and how long it is before I can eat again!

When I’m at home though, I don’t eat again until lunchtime.  In fact, I don’t give food a second thought!

Another odd little thing of mine, is that when I am home, I rarely drink tea.  Yet as son as I go to someone else’s house, go to work, the hairdressers, etc, ill have a lovely big cuppa!

My youngest daughter, gets up, uses the bathroom, comes downstairs, devours her chocolate shreddies, showers, gets dressed, does her make-up, then brushes her teeth.

My Hubby, rolls out of bed, falls into the bathroom, brushes his teeth, gets dressed, then races to work with literally seconds to spare!

So why do we all have our little subconscious rituals in the morning? I wonder if we all have our own patterns, or do some families simply mirror one another and follow the same routine?

  1. esteryoung

    Your post just made me think about my mornings. I am like a robot myself. In fact, I don’t really wanna know anything about the world until I dive into my morning bowl of fruit, that I eat for breakfast. Your cup of tea outside the house, is like a treat I have when I am out and about…it’s a socializing and kinda makes you feel the world around you and notice the people that pass you by. I have the same thing with coffee. I don’t really drink it in the house. I just drink pure water, but when I go out, I get very excited about having a freshly brewed cup of coffee, that screams: “hello world, I am here and ready to hear you.” 🙂


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