Being a Mom is the best job in the world.  It can however, be thoroughly exhausting!

The last few weeks have been rather eventful and I hardly seem to have had time to pause and take a breath.

My eldest daughter is off to Malia for the summer and although she is almost 20, it is still a bit of a worry!

My youngest daughter has had her high school prom, her 16th birthday and last weekend, a pool party for her birthday, that thank the lord, went brilliantly thanks to the glorious british sunshine. For once, it decided to shine at exactly the right time!

The build up and preparation for all of these events, has left me rather stressed and running around like a completely scatty headless chicken!

She is also half way through her GCSE’s and my constantly having to nag her to revise, is actually quite tiring.

After the party had ended on sunday evening, It was 2am when my best friend and I finally finished tidying up and went to bed. This rather late night, coupled with my consuming several glasses of cider at the party, left me with the hangover from HELL!

By Tuesday, I was expecting to wake up feeling refreshed, but this was not to be. I spent the day feeling completely exhausted, thoroughly drained and seriously in need of a power nap that I wasn’t able to take, due to the mountain of ironing that was screaming at me!

It was Wednesday lunchtime, when I suddenly felt my head fog start to lift.  It was just like someone had cast a happy spell on me and I felt alive and refreshed for the first time in days. It was at this point that it dawned on me how exiting the next few weeks would be. The month of June will be consumed with evenings and days out with my friends and my lovely Mom. Even my dreaded birthday seemed more bearable, as I have lots of exiting things planned and quite a few days off work!  All this, combined with an entire week off work at the beginning of July, has made me feel human again!

I spent the rest of the afternoon at work, laughing with my friends, thankful that I had finally woken up from my Grumpy Coma! X

  1. Jack Flacco

    Hey Emma, can you send me some of that happy spell my way? It’s two weekends in a row that I’ve been tied up like crazy with commitments and it isn’t about to lessen in the next three weekends. Maybe I can put on a magic hat to get some peaceful sleep! lol But, yeah, I can relate!


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