With my dreaded 40th birthday fast approaching, I have been forced to analyse the ‘Things to do at 40’ post that I wrote a year ago.

A trip to New York in June was top of the list and although this wont be in June as planned, My amazing Hubby, is taking me to New York in November. We are then flying to Barbados for 10 glorious days in paradise! Oh I cannot wait!

Havana was next on the list. I’m afraid New York and Barbados have taken precedence over this, so maybe for my 45th?

Hmmm, I think Cosmetic Surgery was the next one, well this can most definitely wait a few years! I don’t think I’m ready for a full face lift just yet!!

Oh, my next dream item was a 1973 Rolex. Preferably with a gold bezel. Is this asking too much? Maybe it is but it doesn’t hurt to dream!!

A Macbook Pro was high up on the list and to my utter joy, my Hubby bought me one of these for my birthday last year.  So this can be replaced with something else… obviously!

A joint party with my Hubby’s Bff was also on the list but this has been scrapped, due to the pricey holiday’s that we are both going on this year!

Last, but by no means least, I wished for a beautiful ring, this has been on my wish list for quite sometime, so Ill keep it on there. Maybe I’ll be super-duper lucky!

Well all of that has left me feeling rather greedy! It’s silly really because today, right now, I don’t have these things, but despite that, I am extremely happy. Last night, Hubby and I went to see Iron Man 3. I polished of an extra long hot dog and a large bucket of popcorn which left me feeling very content indeed!

Today, I’v been sitting in the garden with my youngest daughter, trying to catch some sun (which was tricky given the rather heavy dusting of clouds that are adorning the sky) and we have laughed with and at one another for getting creeped out by creepy crawlies and shivering in our cardigans while waiting for the sun to come back out!

I have been to see my best friend and I have been for a little ride on my bike. The sun has shone most of the time and I am now sitting here, writing my blog, which I love.

So in the grand scheme of things, do I need all of these wonderful things for my birthday? Well no, not really, so I’ll just embrace the fact that I am nearly 40 and I will be grateful for whatever I receive.  After all, It is my Hubby’s best friends 40th soon too and I have a feeling he will want a big night out. I better conserve my energy for that now instead of thinking about ME!

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