As a young adolescent girl, I would never have dreamed of telling a potential suitor that I fancied another boy! Good heaven’s no!
This was also a rule that I stuck to, throughout my teens and well into my twenties and I know I wasn’t alone.
I’m fairly sure that billions of girls and women the world over, have been absolutely struck down with gigantic pangs of jealousy when they’ve heard their partner shout PHWOAR as they see some hot chick strutting down the road and we’ve all caught them eyeing up other women in their sunnies when they think we can’t see them looking!  Now come on boy’s, the head turn is a giveaway!
Now, I am about to hit my 40’s and let me tell you…
… The tables have well and truly turned! After years of putting up with my men letching at women at every given opportunity, it is now my turn to drool!
I have found myself going all a flutter on more than one occasion. The men that catch my eye are generally on the tele, so no threat what so ever to my gorgeous hubby! But I suddenly get all the comment and stares of adoration that I have witnessed in the eyes of men for years. I have purchased several movies simply for the eye candy and even found myself watching the Paris v Barcelona Footie Match last week as God himself (David Beckham) was playing! 
Now I am not at all concerned by any of this, not even the fact that One Direction are now my all time favourite boy band, as several of my girlfriends are exactly the same!
My conclusion is this…
As children, we learn from our Peers. We mimic their behaviour and this helps to shape the people that we become.  As young Women, we look up to our Men as they are there to look after us. We too then, learn from their behaviour, so by the time we hit 35, it’s our time to do the ‘totty spotting and what fun it can be!…


  1. MissMangue

    Wow Emma . I love your diary is so cool. Continue with the good work. I’ll star follow your blog .


  2. Jack Flacco

    Great writing, Emma! You went from formal to informal within the span of a paragraph. Kudos!

    As for girl love (or is it man love? I can never get them straight), I think it natural to see something of beauty and admire from a distance. The rule of “you can look but don’t touch” is in effect.

    Ah, the joy of beauty!


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