Now, the last place that I want to be today, is work!  You see…

I have a cold and i feel pretty rubbish, but i have to go to work, so I figure I may as well put on my best smile, to help me get through the day.  Now, maybe my smile is a little transparent today, as it is obviously not entirely genuine, but at least I make the effort, as I’m sure most Women do when they are feeling under the weather.

So why is it that our male companions can’t extend us this same courtesy?

It’s not that I don’t care if they are poorly or if they’ve had the weekend from hell. I do care, I just don’t need to hear it in their voices first thing on a Monday morning, every Monday morning!

So do us all a favour boys, put a smile on your face and a spring in your step or please, please, do us girls a huge favour…

…Stay at home!!!


  1. MissMangue

    Well I have days like that, but I know that i have to go to work. So I I repeat itself one day I’ll have time to do what i want. But until that day. I have to work Unless I win the lottery. So don’t give up.


  2. Jack Flacco

    Hang in there. Being sick is not the funnest thing in the world, especially on a Monday morning. I know when I get sick, which isn’t that often, I try to keep away from folks. I guess, I’m a bit different. I’d rather not have anyone see me than see me and everyone avoid me ’cause they’re afraid of catching something from me. I guess I’m weird that way. It’s hard to do, but I’ve managed. Believe me. I’m the biggest complainer on the planet when I’m sick, and it’s best I do stay home! LOL


      1. Tori

        I just visited the new wsiebte. One word: OUTSTANDING! I just could not stop reading. The stories of the decorated soldiers, the Vancouver Six and others were fascinating. The stories of the battles, complete with maps and photos, totally engulfed me. Finding my grandfather’s service record really hit home with me. Jim Kempling: This more than a very good body of work , it is an outstanding body of work. I am sorry for over using that word, but my military training use the term to define the best of the best.Thank you!

      2. Sury

        Beautiful! I came across your blog on the “quite the blog” link party, and boy am I glad I did. I haven’t seen/heard this poem in years! It used to hang on my gtredmoahnrs bedroom wall when I was growing up. The words were powerful to me even as a child. Thank you for sharing! and Thank God He is always there to carry us!!

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