Not working on Tuesday’s, is particularly great, when there is a long bank holiday weekend. As we approached our Easter bank holiday weekend, I had five, not four, wonderful days off to look forward to. I planned to make at least three of the five days, be extremely lazy!

Out with the girls (and a couple of boys!) on Thursday night, so I was expecting to be a little hung over on Friday. This, was not to be the case! I woke feeling surprisingly normal, well, as normal as one should feel at 6am after an evening of Martini supping! To be completely honest though, I think I only had 4, maybe 5 Martinis? I also left much earlier than everyone else.  Oh I’m sorry but I just don’t do the whole ‘staying out till’ 3am thing.  It just isn’t me at all! I like my pineapple juice on the settee before bed and I am a creature of habit. These habits do evolve from time to time, but they don’t get broken very often and woe betide anyone that try’s to interfere with a hormonal, almost 40-year-old, ‘set in her ways’ Woman!

I do realise this paints a rather uptight picture of myself, which I’m not really, I’m just a little stubborn and I like what I like. If I was a big drinker, I’m sure I’d be more than happy to stay up partying all night, but I don’t really tolerate alcohol very brilliantly and I’m not really that keen on the taste. On the plus side, I’m a cheap date, this, I’m sure my hubby will agree, is a very good ‘Plus’ point of mine! Though I do need to get a little drinking practice in for a few girly dates that are looming on the horizon!

Back to the weekend…

… A trip to the shops on good friday afternoon, was probably not the best idea I’ve ever had! After taking almost 40 minutes to park, then only doing so by going up onto the CLOSED (OMG, see I am not that uptight, I am actually a mini rebel!!!) top floor, covered in snow car park, we (My youngest daughter and I) finally met up with some friends for a coffee, did a spot of shopping, then fought our way back to the car! Some time later, we arrived home, exhausted and relieved to be back in our tranquil living space!

Saturday morning arrived all too quickly, reminding me why I don’t go out drinking very often. The hangover that I had escaped on Good Friday, crept into the house during the night and found me! Right…  Saturday was to be my laziest day…  Ever!

I curled up on the settee with my ‘hangover cure‘ tea, a huge fluffy blanket and lots of naughty treats! 3 episodes of Prisoners Wives, an episode of Dallas and a power nap, were the perfect cure for my delayed hangover! A curry with our friends for dinner, at our favourite Indian restaurant, completed the perfect lazy day!

Easter Sunday was to be my busy day! Awake at 7am, I started to tidy up the house and clean at 8. By 11 I was all done and ready to start my mountain of ironing. At 12.30, the in-laws arrived to say ‘Happy Easter‘ and give the girls some more, much appreciated chocolate! Several hours later, Easter dinner cooked and devoured, it was time for me to collapse in a heap with the knowledge that I still had two whole days before returning to work! Oh, how refreshing!

Monday allowed me time to have a nice long lunch with my Mom. She and my Daddy, are off to see my Big Bro and his family in Oz in a few days.  They are obviously beaming with excitement as they will be meeting their third granddaughter for the very first time! A trip to DFS with hubby in the afternoon, ended the bank holiday off nicely.

Today, Tuesday was not quite so relaxing.  It was back to running errands and doing my routine chores. A quick dash to the tailors with my daughter to make a few alterations to her stunning prom dress, then back home to finish another batch of ironing and get dinner for when Hubby returns home.

Well it’s back to work tomorrow, which actually is ok, as I’ll be able to catch up on everyone’s gossip! But I really have enjoyed a few days off. Whether they are lazy days, or hectic days, I do love being at home xxx


  1. Assim

    Dang you are killing me with the DIY’s laelty so jealous of your talent! ps. I totally laughed out loud on that last line because when I was looking at the pictures I was thinking ah she totally cleaned of that desk for the picture


  2. Madina

    You, you my dear are absolutely wofeurndl. I highly doubted anyone from blogworld donating to my cause, but you have proved me wrong. And such a princely sum too! As useless as words are to convey this, it means so much to me. MANY, MANY thanks. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(50 of them for each kind pound you sacrificed)


  3. Svetlana

    Ikke mye snf8 hos deg med andre ord:DJeg har nesten ikke fe5tt gjort noe annet enn e5 me5ke i hele pe5sken…Nei, det har ikke ve6rt se5 gale, men plnneae for hagen gikk i vasken. Har ge5tt turer og kost oss i stedet.Ha fortsat en fin pe5skehelg:)


    1. Patrick

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  4. Shivani

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  5. Jack Flacco

    This is the first Easter I remember there being snow on the ground. Most Good Fridays, it rains and on Easter Sunday it’s a beautiful, sunny day. It was quite surprising for us here in Canada. Also, Sunday evening was freezing cold, which made the trip back home from visiting all the more interesting (considering we all has spring-wear on). Nevertheless, the whole weekend was good food, great company and an enjoyable time of relaxation!

    Oh, I hope you have a great day today at work 😦 I’m sure you will!


    1. Emma's Diary

      On I know, snow at Easter here is just wierd but it’s sunny so I’m not complaining! I think we should have 5 days off and 2 days on every week!!! X


    2. Andy

      i love boos abour art, sewing, crcehot etc. etc. i cant really buy them here in Poland, so i usually look through them on i am so so looking for your books posts! they will be much better than few images from amazon for sure! 2 weeks ago i found two great book which i have ordered thanks to one of my favourite bloggers.. i hope your books will be as inspiring!


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