Now, if I am completely honest, fancy dress party‘s are just not my cup of tea at all.  So, when we were invited to a friend’s Hubby’s 30th birthday party, I had mixed emotions!

I did have an outfit that I had bought for another friends 30th several years ago. But this outfit was never worn, as I didn’t go to the event in the end.

After being given several weeks to prepare for the party, I decided that I wasn’t entirely happy with my previously bought ‘Gangster’ costume. My hubby couldn’t decide who he wanted to go as either.  At this point I should probably tell you that he isn’t really that keen on fancy dress party’s either.

We finally decided to order Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker costumes. these arrived the day before the party! There is nothing like leaving everything until the last minute.  I tried my costume on and immediately felt deflated.  The thing is, when you are less than 5’2 inches tall, the clothes never look like they do on the 6 foot model in the picture! It was at this point that I decided to revert back to the Gangster costume that I had originally planned to wear.

My hubby arrived back from ‘working on his cars’ just two hours before we were due to leave for the party.  He was at this point, yet to try on his costume! I got myself  Gangster’d up while he showered away enough dirt and oil to threaten the local wildlife! Finally he emerged as the iconic Luke Skywalker, with sleeves so long that he was in grave danger of tripping over them! 5 minutes before the taxi was due to arrive, we were raiding our youngest daughters sewing kit to shorten them.

Soon we were safely in the confines of the party. Some of the costumes were fantastic! The birthday boy himself, was Banana Man! He looked great and his wife looked stunning dressed as Cheryl Cole.  There were enough Smurfs to make a Movie, they all looked amazing and I had to admire the commitment to these characters by covering oneself in blue body paint!

There were many different characters in attendance, including Crayons, Charleston costumes, Star Wars Characters, pop stars including Michael Jackson, tv stars including Del Boy,  Various superhero’s, Andy Pandy, Pirates in abundance and characters from Shrek. All the kids in attendance looked adorable and all kept their costumes on all night.

I was definitely wishing Id made more of an effort.  I should have bought a tommy gun to match my costume, or possibly stuck with princess Leia and accepted the fact that the costume wouldn’t look quite as perfect as it did on the advertising model!

There was a great atmosphere throughout the night with food and drink flowing perfectly satisfactorily!

If there had been a best costume award, it would have been given to my hubby’s best friend. For me, his presence was the highlight of the evening. He had adorned a costume that could potentially cause quite a stir! It was a costume that had genuinely freaked out our taxi driver!  Controversially he had decided to attend the party dressed as the one and only Jimmy Saville and he looked brilliant! The looks that he was receiving were priceless! He took on Jimmy’s mannerisms throughout the night and frequently puffed on his fake cigar! His Wife, dressed as the perfectly innocent Andy Pandy, looked genuinely disturbed which was particularly amusing!

So, for one night only, a room full of ordinary folk, became our Superhero’s and Idols. We strutted our stuff on the dance floor and propped up the bar to celebrate a friend turning 30.  I think even I had changed my bleak view of fancy dress, next time though, I will make a bit more effort!

The party was a success, so ‘Cheers’...

…roll on the next one!

  1. Jack Flacco

    I love costume parties! I love the whole idea behind dressing up and being something no one would imagine you being. It’s so much fun, too. I think people act differently when they’re behind a mask and it liberates their soul to doing things they normally wouldn’t do if they hadn’t had a costume on. Sometimes it’s a good thing. Other times, well… 😉 Glad you had a great time!


    1. Barbara

      Genius!! Such a great idea – that might have to be one of my many summer pjroects! I have so many earrings and little necklaces and bracelets, this would be a fantastic solution to the clutter!! Love, SilkeP.S. The link didn’t work for me…


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