Until I saw the film of the same name, I had never heard of a Bucket List. Since seeing the film however, I have heard of a few.

Now I must admit, I was initially a little freaked out at the thought of writing such a list. It just seemed a tad morbid, to be talking about the things that you would like to do before you die. Upon reflection though, I have decided that writing one or two of these lists for ourselves, may not be such a bad idea.

Now, at the tender of 39, this list could potentially be quite long, so I will stick to just ten things that I would like to do before I pop my size 4 clogs!

Here goes…

1.   Visit New York.  Now this one will be crossed off the list very soon, as my Hubby and I are going there for my (special) birthday this year. Goodness, 39+1, how on earth did I reach this age? Oh well, in the words of my daughters boyfriend, “Age is only a number!’ Bless him, I like this way of thinking! I’ll make sure she sticks with him!

2.  Spend the day in a recording studio and come home with my own CD.  Singing is probably, actually no, It is unquestionably, the thing that I enjoy doing more than anything else! Unfortunately, I neither have the voice or the confidence to do it professionally but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it. I would take my guitar too for a couple of songs. I would bring the CD home and sing along to it when I am all alone doing my daily chores!

3.   Undertake some kind of Volunteer work in an African Country. Maybe help out in a school in Uganda or Ghana or even take part in a building project overseas.

4.   Get my sagging bottom into gear, save some pennies and hop on a plane to Sydney to see my Big Bro & his Family!

5.   Run in the Barbados half marathon!

6.   Go on a Safari in Kenya followed by a week at the beach in Mombasa. Not sure if I will ever get to do this, as Hubby is really not keen at all! I do quite like the idea though of camping a big tent and eating around a camp fire whilst being protected by men with big guns!!

7.  Take a mini tour of America to include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orléans.

8.   Have a holiday with my Hubby in Mexico.

9.   Go to the Grand Prix in Monaco, again, with Hubby!

10.  Last, but by no means least, buy a Villa in Lajares in Fuerteventura!

So there you have it, My scaled down, very tame, Bucket List.  Maybe we should all write one of these lists.  whether the list is completely achievable or not, surely it can’t hurt to have something to aim for?

  1. Ryan

    Checked out the user guide. Found no answers.How do I broswe my diary entries without activating the diary editor for each entry I want to look at.Without the ability to go from one entry to the next without activating the editor, this diary is not useful to me.


  2. murakamilovescat

    Love the film! 😀
    Always a good idea to be prepared I guess, and also accept what death really is – a part of life. BTW This is 40 is a fun film to watch too, Paul Rudd’s still got it! ;D


  3. esteryoung

    Nice one….I also have my bucket list, working my ass of to get it LOL I always say never say never. Once there is a dream, anything is possible to those who want to! Go for it girl


      1. esteryoung

        I was so inspired I wrote my own article on things worth living for as a reminder what are the things that matter the most. Thank you so much

  4. Jack Flacco

    I love the idea of visiting Monaco for the Grand Prix. It’s been on my list for a long time. One day I’ll go for it…we’ll see what the future holds. In the meantime, I’ve been to New York. You’ll love it!


  5. Tommo

    No “Running with the bulls in Pamplona” then? Or swim with dolphins? Give us a shout when u wanna go to Cancun 😉


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