As I talk to my various girlfriends, one thing that is very apparent, is the fact that we are very different to our male companions.

I find that Men have a very black & white outlook on life.  Men seem to thrive on winding people up and antagonising people whenever possible! Men will say that we are very stubborn and we never admit when we are wrong.  Be honest though, how often do Men ever admit that they are wrong!

Men have a way of making you think that they are letting you have your own way.  This simply isn’t true! men only let you have your way with simple things.  Things that simply don’t matter to them. For example: “you can paint the spare bedroom any colour you wish my dear!” or “you choose the kitchen!”  to which we should say, “Well of course I should choose the kitchen, you don’t even know where the kitchen is!!!”

My hubby has a little saying, ‘Happy wife, happy life!’  Again, this is only the case when it really suits him! Amusingly, I recently heard this saying on an episode of Home and Away!  Interestingly, this series is written by three Men! Well, we will allow our Men to think that they are cleverly fooling us, but Men, we are not fooled! We are just humoring you.  We simply pretend to be naive enough to hang on to your every promise. or maybe they really do think that they are letting us make all the best decisions.  Maybe they think that these menial decisions they allow us to make are the things that we want to be the authority on.

Maybe, as Women, we are simply too suspicious! We presume that our men are devious enough to predict the things that they think we want.  I personally don’t think they give it a second thought!  How many times has your Man bought you something that he clearly thinks is impressive, only to become drowned in confusion when he sees the look of sheer horror on your face?!!!

Does this make Men inconsiderate?  Does it mean they are selfish? As I get older, Im actually starting to wonder if this isn’t the case at all!  I just don’t think their minds work the same way that ours do.  Men genuinely think that they are doing a lovely thing, the right thing.  It’s just unfortunate that they frequently get it wrong!

Next time this happens to you though Ladies, do not be offended.  Just remember this, He is a Man, he usually means well and he is ever so proud of himself, so like your very own special pet, give him a kiss and a cuddle, say thank you and smile to yourself.  After all, he has tried to please you, Can we, should we, really ask for more than that?

Men do have a few plus points to make up for their indiscretions! Men are more up front than Women.  Men are generally less bitchy than Women.  If a guy has a problem with another guy, he will usually just confront the situation, deal with it and then ‘Voila’ problem solved.

So, to me it is clear that Men & Women are from completely different planets.  Though somehow, we manage to co-exist. We somehow, despite the fact that we rarely understand one another, we manage to be friends.  We manage to laugh together, to build futures together.

Some of my favourite people are Men. They are my friends, they make me laugh and never deliberately offend!

My hubby can be infuriating, but he is also (sorry for the cliché!) my soul mate. He can finish off my sentences. We frequently have identical thoughts, which is actually quite freaky at times! He has seen me at my absolute worst and he still loves me.  He always tells me I look nice when we are going out. Most importantly, I have learnt to accept all of his faults and he has learnt to accept mine. (Yes, I admit, I do have a few!!!)

He has given me best days of my life.

He is my boy and I will love him forever…

  1. Nurhuda

    I have a friend who owns a pieizrza and he’ll spend time taking trips to the country, watching television, etc. But when it comes to marketing his business, even with something like social media, he outsources or has it automated. I see the same thing with churches. I love social media, but churches do it just to say, Yes, we have a facebook and twitter account. They do not spend any time replying to people and for goodness sake, they’re in the people business so why do they not spend the time to be social on their social media accounts? The churches I’ve seen do marketing or social media wrong, or not engage totally, are busy with meeting after meaningless meeting and they still shrink in size. If business owners or church leaders could simply prioritize their time better and know the importance of engaging with people, they’d be a lot more successful.


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