“I don’t want to grow old!”

I, along with many others I’m sure, have never wanted to get old and as I get older, there are days when I actually find the thought quite frightening.

The thing is, I have always had a young head! I’m a Mom, so obviously I’ve had to grow up, that’s just how life works.

You get married, buy a house, have children, or in my case, have a child, rent a house, get married,  have another baby, buy a house.  All of this is acceptable.

I spent my teenage years looking pretty young for my age and I suppose I’m a pretty young Mom.  I was 20 when I had my eldest daughter, 24, my second. So, although kids can almost turn you grey at times with stress and worry, they have also kept me feeling young.  I was always one of the younger Mom’s at the school gate and my younger daughter especially, has taken great pleasure over the years in borrowing my clothes and shoes! Believe me, it’s always a good thing when your kids think you are cool enough to nick your clothes!

As my age has climbed through the 20’s though and has now almost reached the end of its 30’s, there have been obvious, gradual changes to my face and body that I’m really not that keen on! This is frustrating, as in my head, I still feel exactly the same as I did when I was 20!

I like listening pop music. I like young clothes, in fact I probably dress far too young for my age so I  now have to make a conscious effort to be just a little bit more age appropriate! I also still have dreams that I plan to fulfil when I grow up!!!

Surely this young, positive attitude is a good thing?  Or is it just incredibly sad?

Why can’t I just grow old gracefully and enjoy the journey, however it unfolds?  The physical changes that will take over my body in the next half of my life, quite literally fill me with dread! This attitude, is NOT healthy! Surely One should be looking forward to grandchildren and retirement not worrying about where the next fold is going to show up!!!

Growing old disgracefully!

I wonder what a teenager would pay to have the knowledge and life experiences of a ‘nearly’ 40 year old woman such as Moi?

When I wake up in the mornings, my lines are very few and far between, so on a good day, I think to myself, “you don’t look too bad for your age young Lady!” Well, this of course is after half an hour in front of the mirror applying various lotions and potions to one’s face! This is then followed with varying dollops of concealer, a dusting of bronzer and a serious amount of eyeliner and mascara to make my morning eyes re-appear! Tick, I am ready to face the world!

When in my ‘feeling positive about my age’ mood, I welcome whatever life throws at me. As a person, I am stronger mentally than I was when I was in my twenties. I will stand up for myself when the need arises. I think somehow, age can make us feel sexier.  Not necessarily in a physical way, but I for one, am much more confident in my skin.  I guess we  reach a point in our lives when we accept that this is just how we are built and no amount of pills, diets or exercise is going to change it! Well, not unless we take on a Olympians training schedule anyway and I’m not about to do that so, the cellulite is staying put!

If we get the odd line, is it really a big deal?  Maybe we should treat our wrinkles like the song by Brandi Carlisle, ‘The Story.’  Our lines, stretch marks etc, are simply the story of our past. our history marks.There are many beautiful older Men & Women in the world. I actually think men get better with age. There is something super sexy about a few grey hairs and worry lines on a Man!

Michelle pfeiffer, Yasmin Le Bon, Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue.  These are all beautiful women over the age of 40 or 50. Obviously, there are many more! I’m not even going to begin listing the men that I consider sexy about the age of 40 because with my raging hormones, trust me, I would be here all day!

So, in conclusion, can you still be cool and sexy over 40 years of age? Can you still be fashionable and stylish? Will you still get attention from the opposite sex? Can you still listen to teen pop? The answer is most definitely YES! If I do start looking too old and haggard though, I will be booking myself in to a clinic for a few more minor alterations!!!

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