Let me start by telling you that my youngest daughter and I, went to our local Cinema to see ‘TED‘ a couple of weeks ago, only to find that it was sold out! Sold out? This pokey little old-fashioned Cinema, is never sold out!

Now, this may not seem that strange, so i’ll explain.  Our local Cinema, is an old-fashioned Cinema in a listed building.  It is the kind of Cinema that would have had an interval 30 years ago.  There would most definitely have been a Lady appearing, during this interval wearing a tray around her neck, selling ice creams! The decor in some of the Screens, must date back to the 70’s at least! You buy your tickets from the food counter for goodness sake! Oh and they look like raffle tickets except they are smaller! There is a musty smell throughout and the toilets look like they were installed during the Second World War!  Trust me, this is not the kind of Cinema that sells out of anything except cheap hot dogs!

So last week, the time had come.  The day I had waited for with a gallon of anticipation for weeks, had finally arrived.  It was the 16th August and it was the release date of THE EXPENDABLES 2!’  I was ridiculously exited so I decided, that given the previous weeks disappointment of being turned away from the ‘TED‘ movie and that we were going to see the Movie on Saturday night, that I would pre-book our tickets…

… We arrived in good time so that we could collect our tickets and purchase our snacks.  Hubby had a cheap, cold hot dog.  I had my usual super large bucket of popcorn and no, I did not share it!

The cheap, cold hot dog, oddly took what felt like a month to heat up so I was starting to get a little agitated if there were no decent seats left in the Auditorium. Well, I needn’t have worried.  We finally gathered our snacks and drinks and made our way to screen 3. Hmmm, not that chuffed that this amazingly awesome film was being shown in one of the pokiest screens in the building but, hay ho, I was sure it would be just fine.

As we opened the door to the very dark room, I realised that maybe my expectations for this Movie’s popularity, had been just a smidge too high!  there were about 8 people in the room and If I am brutally honest, I think that included my Hubby and Me too!

This though, was not necessarily a bad thing.  We almost had an entire movie screen, to Ourselves! Add to this the fact that in front of me, were some of the coolest, hottest, ok, ill admit it, oldest, yet beefed up Men on the planet!  Arnie, Bruce, Sly, Jean Claude and Dolph Lungren, were the Silver Screen hero’s from my generation.  Add to this the Gorgeous Jason Statham and pretty cute Liam Hemsworth, a large bucket of popcorn and a girl has everything she needs to be completely fulfilled on a Saturday night!

So, to conclude…   If you want to see a Sell Out, Oscar Winning Movie, You’d probably be best advised not to see The Expendables!  However, if you want to spend your Saturday night watching an action packed, tongue in cheek Movie, whilst indulging in sweet, sticky treats and of course being in the company of plenty of Brawn, then go see ‘THE EXPENDABLES 2′ 

…and ENJOY!

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