Many , many, moons ago, my hubby and I decided it would be a good idea to replace our leaky, slightly dated bathroom. After several trips to our local DIY store, we ended up purchasing most of the items from a completely different place.  In fact, several different places.  I had a week, in mind when planning this new home improvement…..     Oh how wrong was I!

To cut a long, dull story very short, things haven’t exactly gone to plan and so, two weeks down the line, if I am realistic, Id say there is at least another two weeks work to do!

So, every day, I come home, peel back the protective plastic carpet covering, wipe, vacuüm and polish to rid my home of building dust. I will be honest here, I know it is nobody’s fault, but yes I huff and puff as I am doing this!

Now, today I had no work (although I did pop in for an hour or so!) and it was probably the last hot day for the foreseeable, so, my day began with me picking up my daughter and her bff up, from a sleepover birthday party.  This was followed by a spot of housework before popping in the office.  Lunch with my Mom was next, that was lovely! We rarely have five minutes to actually say ‘hello’ to one another these days.  This is mostly due to my inability to multitask at anything other than being a Mom and Wife! I finally came home, interrupting my youngest daughter and her boyfriends peace and quiet! Two more friends soon appeared and the four of them jumped and belly-flopped into the pool!

I think hearing children laugh, no matter what ages they are, is one of the nicest sounds there is.

After everyone was fed and watered and the swimming costumes and towels were loaded into the washing machine, I concluded that this is the weekend!  I told myself that the hole (doorway with frame demolished!) to the bathroom that staring at me every time I climbed the stairs, was invisible until monday morning!

All that was left to do, was say goodbye to the dust for a couple of days, grab a glass and pour myself a drop of Red Wine!


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