Birthday presents can be tricky…    yes?  Well, I struggle with birthday presents.  Especially presents for parents!

My Mom and Mom in law are pretty easy as I usually get a list or have at least caught a hint of something that they would like! My Dad isn’t too difficult.  He’s a fisherman, so there is usually something ‘fishy’ that can be purchased!  Failing this, every other year a new dressing gown or pair of slippers is called for and a box of thorntons toffee’s to acompany his gift, is always received well!

My ‘Step Mom in law’ is a bit more tricky and we often go away around her birthday.  This is usually solved by buying her, her favourite skin creams from Origins, well in advance!  This year, we gave her a gift of Gucci flora eau de toilette and body moisturiser as I hadn’t planned in advance.   Naughty me!

My ‘Step Dad in law’ is heavily into trains so we usually have a list of books or memorabilia that can be purchased for him.

If all else fails though, the ‘Mother’s’ will receive a bouquet of flowers!  Flowers are fab!  They are sent on Mothers day and this year I even send a bunch with a bottle of wine and chocolates to my Mom & Dad for their million year wedding anniversary!

The hardest parent to buy for though, whether it be his birthday or christmas, is my Father in law.  I would love to know why, when you get an awkward parent, that isn’t even yours! Why is it the Woman that has to worry about what to buy them! I have spent weeks on end over the years, racking my brain, for what gift to buy him.

This year, we have been asked by his wife, (Step Mom in law), to buy him 3 new chickens. (They already have several!) Now I have to say that seeing these primitive creatures, bobbing around my ‘in law’s’ garden is quite amusing.  I do not, however, fancy buying them from the garden centre and putting them in the back of my fairly new car!  Initially I was assured that they come in a box but still, I don’t want them in my car!

So, after a quick call to the garden centre, I am informed that the chickens can be delivered! Fantastic! This immediately brings an image into my head, of three chickens in a box with big ribbons tied around their necks!

So next time you are trying to think of a gift that can be delivered, pop along to Webbs’s and ask for a chicken delivery! Imagine, a present that actually gives you fresh food every day! Genius idea and a pretty fantastic alternative to flowers!

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