Hello again! Sorry I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks!  The Wifi in our hotel wasn’t very good at all.

Well, We have been home for over a week and it feels like we’ve not even been away now.

While we were on holiday, I decided I should continue with my walking by taking early morning walks as the sun rises and while my daughter and hubby were still asleep!  I have been walking back from work every day since just before christmas when my car was stolen.  My walk from work is about 1 1/2 miles, half of that, being up quite a steep hill.

So, I had found a route on my holiday that was about a mile long, the first half being slightly up hill.  This was fine, the mornings were so peaceful and it was just lovely watching the sun rise over the ocean.

The following morning I thought it would be good to run at little intervals, purely as the route wasn’t as long as my walk at home.  This was actually ok!  I proudly told my hubby when I got back and he said that I would easily be able to run for the whole mile, a peace of cake, apparently!

So, the next day, I ran…..      the whole mile!  Yay me! Iv never run before as I suffered with a bad back for years until I had Spinal Surgery four years ago.

So, I continued to run my morning mile until one day, well into our second week, I decided to keep going…

… I made it! I had run two miles! Sweaty and panting for breath, (I would like to say I rushed back to announce my news!) I made my way very slowly back to the room so by the time I got there, I didn’t look like I had just run a half marathon!

The next day, I woke my daughter at 7.30, as she was coming with me.  We made the run in just over 19 minutes.  The next day, 18 minutes.

On our final day, I wasn’t feeling the best when I woke at 7 to get ready for my run as I had been up half of the night (I was suffering with sinisitus!).  I decided to stop being a hypochondriac, get ready and get running!  From the very first step I took though, my right heel hurt!  It felt like I had bruised it.  My husband presumed it must be bad running technique.  Well, we spent our last couple of hours by the pool then said ‘Hasta Luego’ to Fuerteventura!

Since coming home, my poorly foot has deteriorated to the point that I haven’t been able to walk anywhere apart from around the house and office with a rather embarrassing limp! Let alone run!  Feeling fed up, unfit and a little bit foolish, I hopped along to see the Physiotherapist.  He has come to the conclusion that I have an inflamed Bursa sack???  I had never heard of a bursa before, but the physio has explained to me exactly what it is.  Basically, I have learned that, by never having run before and jumping straight in feet first by running a mile then two with no gradual build up, the friction ha caused the bursa in my ankle to become inflamed, causing quite an intense pain!!!  My best friends conclusion?

Exercise, is bad for you!

My conclusion?

Thank goodness for Spanish strength Ibuprofen!

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