We arrived in fuerteventura yesterday evening after a very stressful days travelling!Firstly, my husband got very irrate at the trainee check in boy who took 20 minutes to check us in, therefore robbing us of valuable Frankie & Bennies time! Instead we had to make do with Burger King and my goodness didn’t we know about it!

Next, we were informed that although we had paid for seats together on the plane, they had double booked our seats so we had been put in exit seats. Great, except that my daughter at only 14, is too young to sit there! So we would have to swap seats with someone for take off and landing! For goodness sake, I was now getting a little irritated myself!

Then, when we got to the hire car place, we realised we had forgotten my hubby’s plastic driving licence and without a car, he wouldn’t be able to surf! OMG! End of the world!!! We were relieved to say the least, when the lovely hire car lady said it would be fine!We finally made our last leg of the journey in sissy the Citroen!

Upon our arrival, the receptionist explained the rules of the hotel and we tried to hire a safety deposit box.  For this though, we needed a cash deposit, but we didn’t have any cash with us! They wouldn’t accept credit cards or allow us to bring it later so Hubby, had another tantrum! I was mildly amused!

The final nail in the coffin came when we got lost walking from the hotel to town for food! Please note, we have been here, 5 times! Yet the walk that should take no more than 5 minutes, took half an hour!We sat down to eat at 10pm! However, meeting up with friends and drinking cocktails did soften the blows of the day!
Fingers crossed the rest of the holiday runs a little smoother! Ttfn xxx


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